Raiden Wallpapers

Superhero Wallpapers-Raiden 1
Raiden Wallpapers
Raiden is the thunder god of the MK universe is also a protector of Earthrealm. Raiden commands many supernatural abilities such as the ability to teleport, control lightning, and fly. As an immortal, he thinks in terms of eternity rather than normal human lifespans and his memories date back to the beginning of time itself. It is unlikely that Raiden can ever be truly killed. Even if his mortal form is destroyed, Raiden will rematerialize some time afterward. He seeks to destroy anyone who tries to harm Earthrealm.

Superhero Wallpapers-Raiden 2

Superhero Wallpapers-Raiden 4
Superhero Wallpapers-Raiden 5

raiden_unrealchampionships.jpg image by lorrdraiden
Raiden Wallpapers

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