Drax The Destroyer Wallpapers

Drax The Destroyer Wallpapers
Arthur Douglas, a real estate agent and sometime musician, was born in Burbank, California. Arthur and his wife Yvette, and their daughter Heather are driving across the Mojave Desert from Las Vegas to Los Angeles when a spaceship carrying the mad Titan Thanos passes overhead on a surveillance mission to Earth. Wishing to keep his existence a secret, Thanos destroys the automobile in case its passengers observed his ship. Thanos lands to make certain they are dead and, satisfied, he leaves. Unknown to the Titan, his father, Mentor, had been monitoring his activities on Earth. Mentor discovers that Heather Douglas is still alive and takes her back to Titan. She later returns to Earth as Moondragon.

Mentor determines that the threat of his son Thanos can no longer be ignored and decides to create a being of sufficient power to defeat Thanos. Enlisting the aid of his father Chronos, who millennia before had become a discorporate wraith, Mentor has Chronos seize the astral form (living consciousness) of Arthur Douglas before it can completely flee the mortal plane. Chronos and Mentor then fashion a humanoid body from immutable soil, grant it superhuman powers, and empower it with Douglas' spirit. Thus, the being who becomes known as Drax the Destroyer is created.

Superhero Wallpapers-Drax The Destroyer 3

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Drax The Destroyer Wallpapers

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